Shipping Terms


LAUDOSS DESIGN LTD – GIORGIO FATOURO makes shipments with express service by forwarder agent


The delivery time for European countries is 3 – 5 working days from the moment the product is ready for shipment.

The shipments to a destination outside Europe are delivered between 7- 10 days from the moment the product is ready for shipment.

LAUDOSS DESIGN LTD – GIORGIO FATOURO will issue an invoice for purchased products, sent with the goods. The invoice is issued in accordance with the information provided by the Customer. No change of data is possible after the invoice has been issued.

Delivery will be operated without setting a specific day and time, and at street level regarding shipments.

If the first delivery attempt is not successful, the carrier will call the telephone number provided by the Customer and also printed on the address attached to the parcel.

The carrier will try twice to deliver products to the address indicated by the Customer. In the case these attempts are not successful, products will be kept in stock at the carrier’s warehouse for 5 (five) working days available to the Customer.

In the case products are not withdrawn by the Customer within the above-mentioned term, the order will be automatically canceled, and products returned to LAUDOSS DESIGN LTD – GIORGIO FATOURO. LAUDOSS DESIGN LTD – GIORGIO FATOURO will return the amount paid for purchased products, minus all expenses related to order management, shipment, storage and return shipment.

In case a package and/or product is clearly damaged, the Customer is entitled to refuse delivery of products, which will be returned to LAUDOSS DESIGN LTD – GIORGIO FATOURO with no extra charge for the Customer.

After the delivery paper has been signed, the Customer cannot complain about the external conditions of delivered products.

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